President Trump in Alamo TX

President Trump made some remarks tuesday 1/12/21 in McAllen Texas and they were pretty powerful. Checkout this quote, “And you set records.  And we can’t let the next administration even think about taking it down, if you can believe that. ”

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Remember, lets pray for out leaders and our President that God will give them boldness and strength to make righteous decisions and fulfill their office.

Stay Strong, Pray hard. Jesus is Lord.

Brian Neitsch

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What is happening in 2021

Happy new year what a time we are living in. So alot is happening with the leadership of the United States of America. Pray that they hear and are lead by the voice of the Most high. Jesus! the Great God Jehovah.

Below is a letter from members of Congress to remove Liz Cheney. this is all part of a plan to fulfill Micah 6:8

JUST IN – Petition underway by some Republicans for a special GOP conference meeting to push out Liz Cheney from her leadership post, after she came out in support of impeachment. @disclosetv


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Brian Neitsch